3 Things That Make Our Macon Cardiologists The Best

Becoming a cardiologist in any location is no easy feat. Our Macon cardiologists had to get through extensive medical schooling, residencies, and fellowships just to highlight the beginning. While each cardiologist in Macon may have accomplished these tasks, there are a few traits that make our doctors stand out from the rest.

Confidence and Knowledge

Confidence and knowledge are great traits in any cardiologist but only in the right ratio. Our Macon Cardiologists (who also serve all of central Georgia) work to continually grow their knowledge base and bring in new and innovative technologies. Additionally, it’s important to note that their confidence never outweighs their know-how when it comes to helping patients. Furthermore, our doctors work with the community to educate other healthcare providers with their expertise. For example, just a few months ago our own Dr. Jonathan Hoffman participated in a physicians showcase with our partners at Coliseum.

Care For Patients

One of the most important things to our practice is that all our Macon cardiologists treat patients like family. We feel that our patient’s words speak louder than our own. Here’s what a few have to say:

“Dr.Oddis is so great! He goes above and beyond for his patients. Without him I would have never had the chance to feel better and get my life back. Dr. Hoffman is also great and also has a great bedside manner. All the staff are always very welcoming. Thanks for everything you all do.”- Carrie

“Dr. Kingman and staff are the best around. They always listen and get you in and out quickly!”- Becky

Take The Time To Teach Patients

It’s one thing to provide the right medication and treatments, but it’s also important to educate patients on how to best care for themselves. Part of the Central Georgia Heart mission is to create a hub of information which can be found here with our health articles. You can find topics about diet, exercise, stress, and a thorough explanation of a wide variety of treatments. Patients also have the ability to contact their provider anywhere, anytime through our easy to use patient portal. Our macon cardiologists aren’t looking to simply fix a current problem but best educate patients on long term solutions and prevention.

If you are looking for a cardiologist in Macon or surrounding areas like Dublin, Montezuma, Forsyth, Warner Robins, Milledgeville and more, learn how to book an appointment here.

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