Ten Things Your Cardiac Specialist Wants You To Know

Not many people understand the importance of health decisions like a cardiac specialist. Cardiologists work to to keep your heart healthy by diagnosing and treating heart issues. But there are a few things each cardiac specialist wished their patients knew and understood.

  1. Follow Your Prescription Labels– If your doctor prescribed you medication, it’s essential for you to take it. Cardiac specialists only give patients prescriptions that are absolutely necessary to make you feel better and extend your life.
  2. Don’t Trust The Internet Over Your Doctor– Home remedies and vitamin cures can often cause as many problems as they solve. Patients that trey self-medicating rather than following the doctor’s orders may be using ineffective or even dangerous treatments. Consult your physician first.
  3. Provide Accurate, Detailed Information At Appointments– The more detailed information you are able to accurately provide, the better it is for your doctor. Write down your medical history with dates and locations of any cardiac procedures. And bring your prescription bottles with you.
  4.  It’s Okay To Provide Intimate Information– Talking about sexual issues can often point to vascular problems that need to be treated. Rather than shy away from an embarrassing conversation, please understand that this is what your cardiac specialist is here for.
  5. Stop Consuming Energy Drinks– High caffeine drinks may give you pep but they also are closely linked to palpitations and other heart issues. If you need that much more energy, it’s time to address your sleep patterns.
  6. Be Honest About Your Bad Habits– Lying about your diet or smoking habits could put you at greater risk and reduce your quality of care. If we have an unclear picture, you may not be getting the right treatment.
  7. Cardiac Specialists Are Human Too– Cardiologists understand that it’s hard to exercise, eat right, not smoke, and get enough sleep. Don’t assume that they judge your decisions and be honest so they can assist you.
  8. Consult Your Doctor Before Stopping Medication– Many patients will stop taking a medication if they dislike side effects or warning labels. Rather than abruptly stopping, consult your doctor first and they can help you find solutions to the negatives.
  9. Find A Doctor That You Connect With– At Central Georgia Heart Center, we have a wide variety if cardiac specialists and cardiologists that are able to asses your needs. Our practice works to help you feel deeply satisfied with your medical care.
  10. Put Yourself First– Find a cardiologist that will help you move forward rather than simply pat you on the back. An effective physician helps you tackle the issues with both medication/procedures and lifestyle.

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