Summer Tips For Heart Disease

If you’re living an active life and managing heart disease, the summer heat can take a toll on your health. Whether it’s preventing you from summer picnics and pools days or making sports difficult, there are some tips to keep you active and safe during the summer heat in Central Georgia.

Tips For Heart Disease Patients & Outdoor Summer Activities

  1. Stay hydrated. Dehydration due to heat and physical activity can cause AFib or other cardiac issues. Avoid dehydration by drinking plenty of water, enjoying summer fruits, and taking breaks from the heat. Everyone should consume water before, during, and after physical activity.
  2. Protect your skin with sunscreen. A sunburn can cause fever and undue stress on your body. It’s important to apply strong sunscreen every 2 hours.
  3. Practice heart safety. Avoid strenuous physical activities during the peak of the day’s heat. Instead, plan outdoor activities in the morning or evening.
  4. Take advantage of indoor activities. If you need to remain active but not be in the heat, find a great local gym for indoor sports, yoga, or more.
  5. Avoid heavy clothing. Dress in light-weight, light-colored clothing to prevent overheating.

Summer Cookout Tips for Heart Disease

  1. Choose Fish. Rather than grilling heavy red meats, opt for lower calorie options like fish to enjoy the outdoors but protect your body.
  2. Grill the veggies. Toss some of your favorite vegetables (and even fruits) on the grill during your next cookout. It’s easy to consume high calorie food during BBQ’s but you can get ahead of the cravings with great options.
  3. Skip salt. Try to use the open flame for seasoning rather than loading your meals down with too much sodium.

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