Resolutions For Your Cardiac Health

When you’re trying to put your cardiac health first, it’s difficult to implement multiple large changes at once. However, sometimes it’s the small changes that make the largest impact for your cardiovascular system. This year, rather than setting expectations impossibly high, try making simple changes instead.

Putting Your Cardiac Health First

Resolution 1: Get More Sleep

Looking to improve your health quickly? Quality sleep on a daily basis helps your body heal and lowers stress levels. If you are dealing with hypertension and do not get 7-9 hours of restorative sleep most nights of the week, this is an important change. For help improving sleep quality try out exercise, cutting out caffeine, or going to bed at an earlier time. Sleep is an important part of your cardiac health.

Resolution 2: Reduce Caffeine Intake

If you’re a coffee, tea, or soda drinker, caffeine could be the culprit for raised anxiety, blood pressure, insomnia, or excessive sweating. Most physicians recommend that caffeine is reduced to less than 7 servings per week. By simply cutting out a mid-afternoon coffee break, you can put your cardiovascular health first.

Resolution 3: Add More Color To Your Plate

Rather than swearing off certain foods, try filling more of your plate with fresh fruits and vegetables. Aim to have 3 natural colors represented in 2 of your meals each day. By not depriving yourself completely, your cravings will naturally adapt to healthier options.

Resolution 4: Walk More Often

Try to up your daily step count this year in as many creative ways as possible. Park a little farther away, walk the mall or take a 10-minute walk break during your lunch. Just a small amount of activity added to your existing routine can help your body maintain a healthier weight and activity level.

Other small resolutions you can make for your cardiac health:

  • Spend a few minutes each day deep breathing to relieve stress
  • Join a new club or take a class that can increase your activity
  • Give up table salt on already seasoned food
  • Give up high sodium drinks like soda

Are you uncertain about what lifestyle changes are right for your cardiac diagnosis? Contact your cardiologist through our patient portal.

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