Men’s Heart Health

June is National Men’s Health month and with Father’s day just around the corner, it’s time to talk about men’s heart health. Ignoring your cardiovascular health can lead to heart disease, stroke, and heart attacks. For men of all ages, it’s never too soon to take control of your body.

Five Ways Men Can Improve Their Cardiovascular Health

  1. Get Regular Check-Ups– If you are over the age of 45, it’s important to see a physician 1-2 times a year for regualr check-ups. However, heart disease and strokes don’t necessarily discriminate based on age which means men of all ages can make steps to improve their health by getting annual check-ups. A check-up should include both a physical and bloodwork to make sure cholesterol, blood sugar, and hormones are in proper working order.
  2. Pay Attention To Your Diet– Sodium, sugar, and trans fats can have a bigger effect on cardiovascular health than age. A well-rounded diet includes daily intake of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, and healthy fats. By making sure you receive sufficient vitamins and minerals you can stave off heart disease and even depression.
  3. Find Healthy Stress Relievers– By finding appropriate ways to deal with life-stress, men can lower their blood pressure. Exercise, counseling, friendships, and designated relaxation time allow both mind and body a chance to relax.
  4. Exercise 3-5 Times A Week- Exercise strengthens the cardiovascular system and prevents diseases like diabetes from taking a toll on the heart. Men need at least 30 minutes of strenuous exercise three days a week to reap the benefits of an active lifestyle. Join a local gym, YMCA, or even walking club to find workouts that appeal to you.
  5. Cut Down on Tobacco and Alcohol- Smoking doubles the risk of early stroke or heart attacks. Excessive use of alcohol acts as a depressant on the entire body and increases the risk of diabetes. Quitting smoking today will show improved health in a matter of hours. And controlling your alcohol consumption can prevent health issues.

Here at Central Georgia Heart Center, we wish all of you a wonderful Father’s Day weekend. Thank you to all the dads, step-dads, and grandfathers who make up our community.

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