Heart Attack Symptoms 101

Making yourself aware of heart attack symptoms is an extremely important part of catching a crisis before it happens. Unlike the movies, a heart attack isn’t always falling to the floor, clutching your chest in agony. In fact, a study by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood institute showed that 1/3 of patients experienced heart attacks without any severe chest pain at all. Symptoms of a heart attack can vary based on age, gender, and other physical conditions like diabetes. Let’s go over a few symptoms that can indicate an issue.

Chest Discomfort. While some heart attacks (roughly 1/3) don’t always have chest pain, it’s extremely common for most patients to experience discomfort in the center or left side of their chest. It’s often categorized as pressure or sharp pain that ranges from irritating to debilitating.

Shortness Of Breath or Trouble Filling The Lungs. This can sometimes be the only noticeable symptom of a heart attack, in the beginning stages. Frequently, heart attack patients will miss this symptom because it can begin during physical activity.

Feeling Worn Out For Days On End. Many women experience multiple days of exhaustion despite receiving plenty of sleep. Pay attention to any extended periods of fatigue combined with any other symptom on this list. If you are concerned you may be at risk for a heart attack, consider making an appointment with one of our cardiologists here in Macon, Georgia.

Feeling Lightheaded. There are lots of reasons why someone could feel dizzy, like exercise or a lack of food. But if you are experiencing sudden onsets of dizzy spells in addition to any chest pain or upper body pain, you may have a heart attack symptom.

Pain or Numbness Down Your Arms. While heart attacks generally start with pain in the chest and move from there, it can also begin with unusual upper body pain (above the stomach). This can be characterized by discomfort in your arms, upper back, and neck.

Heart attack symptoms can begin weeks or hours before the heart attack itself. Getting the proper attention and check-ups can help Cardiologists like those at Central Georgia Heart Center provide you with the best health plan for your needs.

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