7 Must Do’s For Your Heart

As you age, it’s important to put your heart first. The American Heart Association has come up with a 7 point checklist for how to best care for your heart and ensure health for years to come.

  1. Manage Blood Pressure– It’s important to reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke by keeping your blood pressure in a normal range. This can often involve medication, stress management, and a healthy workout routine. Visit here to learn more about managing blood pressure.
  2. Control Cholesterol– Maintaining your cholesterol levels can prevent heart attack and coronary blockages. Eating a steady diet is an excellent way to keep the plaque in your arteries under control. Visit here to learn more about Cholesterol.
  3. Reduce Blood Sugar- If you are consuming to much sugar or a high carb diet without proper energy, glucose can build up in heart, kidneys, eyes, and nerves. Visit here to learn how to manage blood sugar.
  4. Get Active– Moving your body can be an extremely rewarding stress reliever for your body. Physical activity will increase your quality of life. Visit here to learn how to get more active.
  5. Eat Healthy Food– Diet is the number one weapon against heart disease. A healthy diet can improve energy, lower blood sugar, and help keep cholesterol at a steady level. Visit here to learn how to choose healthy food.
  6. Drop The Pounds- Losing weight can lessen the stress on your entire body. That includes the whole cardiovascular system. An active life is a gift to yourself. Visit here to learn new ways to lose weight.
  7. Quit Smoking– Cigarettes double your risk of a cardiovascular disease. Within 1 hour of quitting smoking, you begin experiencing many healthy benefits. Visit here to learn ways to give up the nicotine.
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