14 Amazing Facts About Your Heart

Taking care of your heart can make a huge difference in your longevity. As such an incredible organ in your body, the heart requires special care and attention to stay in great shape. This can include exercise, eating habits, and managing stress in your life. Here are a few amazing facts about your heart:

  1. According to the Cleveland Heart Clinic, the more education you have the lower your risk of developing heart disease!
  2. Did you know the first pacemakers actually had to be plugged into a wall socket?
  3. Being happy and emotionally stable lowers your risk for heart disease and helps maintain better blood pressure.
  4. The first heart cell begins beating at only 4 weeks into the womb!
  5. The stethoscope was invented for modesty. Before it was made, doctors would press their ears against patient’s chests.
  6. Heart disease can be traced back nearly 3,000 years old which means it’s not a new issue.
  7. Your heart is somewhere between the size of one of your fists and two of them clasped together.
  8. A heart can beat up to 100,000 times a day.
  9. Not only is exercise the best preventive care for any heart, it also doesn’t cost you a trip to the doctor.
  10. The biggest health threat any of us face is developing heart disease. It is more common than cancer.
  11. The sound your heart makes when beating is created by valve leaflets opening and closing to move blood.
  12. Every 60 seconds your heart will move 1.5 gallons of blood.
  13. Heart health can never begin to early. By managing your diet, exercise and lifestyle stressors you can build a strong heart.
  14. Women’s hearts beat faster than men’s.

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