10 Questions To Ask Your Central Georgia Cardiologist

central Georgia cardiologist

Have you ever left a Central Georgia Cardiologist appointment and wished you’d asked more questions? You’re not alone, in fact, your cardiologist probably wishes you’d asked them more. Being completely informed helps patients prevent further damage and do their best to protect their heart from future issues. Here are some common questions you should ask your cardiologist.

  1. What caused my heart problem? Our cardiologists here are Central Georgia Heart Center want to help you get to the bottom of your issues. Understanding the root of your cardiac issue can help in treatment and prevent future relapse.
  2. How severe is my heart problem? It’s easy to let minds run rampant when you receive bad news. But you should be asking your Central Georgia Cardiologist just how bad it is to cut out worry. If it’s not as bad as you think, you just saved yourself stress. If it is a big issues, then you can have a full picture of what to do next.
  3. What can I do to make my heart stronger? A large part of cardiology issues comes down to lifestyle choices. Your cardiac specialist can help you make healthy choices.
  4. What should I do if my symptoms get worse? Be prepared for the worst case scenario and make a plan with your doctor.
  5. How can I prevent this from getting worse? Sometimes too much exercise or the wrong type of diet does more damage than good, talk to a doctor before making drastic changes.
  6. How should I talk to my family about the diagnosis? Doctors, especially cardiologists, deliver stressful news on a daily basis. They can help you tell your family the best way to support you and understand a cardiovascular issue.
  7. What happens if I do nothing? Many patients receive a diagnosis and put off returning for follow-up care. You need to understand the risks involved with letting something like heart disease go unchecked.
  8. Can I fly? This is a valid question because there are some heart diagnoses that can put you at risk during a flight. Make sure your cardiologist updates you on 2017 guidelines.
  9. What will I feel after my procedure? Feeling a tingle in your chest after a procedure could be scary, make sure you ask what is and isn’t normal to feel after. Central Georgia Cardiologists perform these procedures every day and can help you navigate post-op symptoms.
  10. When can I have sex or perform activities that raise my heart rate again? This is a very frequent question people have that they rarely ask. The answer may vary from case to case so it’s best to ask a medical professional rather than relying on the internet.

Have some other questions we didn’t list? Ask your cardiologist today, don’t forget you can contact your provider through our patient portal.


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